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April 15th, 2018

Why make time for One Another

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Written by: rscott

One of the challenges that affect many couples is carving out time for each other. During the courtship process setting up dates is a normal, regular occurrence, once couples are in committed relationships there can be a tendency for them to stop going out on dates. That’s not to say that ‘date night’ is what keeps a relationship healthy; making a relationship succeed takes much time, effort, and patience, and is more than just going out on dates. But it’s important to understand that just because you are married doesn’t mean you don’t need to continue scheduling time to spend together. On the contrary, when so much of your life together becomes about finances, jobs, childcare, etc., spending quality time together becomes even more crucial. Read – How do I spend quality time with my husband?

Having alone time with a spouse is important, but it’s less about quantity and more about quality. Often I’ll see a couple sitting in a restaurant but they are both looking down on their phones for an extended period of time and are barely speaking to each other (maybe they are both trying to look something up that’s important, but you get my idea).

On the other hand, if your partner gives you a ride to the bus or train and you spend a nice fifteen minutes in the car talking, even laughing, that counts for something. A couple needs to look at their time together in the following two ways:

When can we make time for each other?
How can we make the time we already have together more intimate?
Often times, less is more, and remember that while vacations are nice, most of us can’t live on vacation and it’s important to learn how to take the routine and find places where you can have more companionship.

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