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January 14th, 2017

Snow Day Fun!

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Written by: rscott

Make ice cream in a bag.

Build a giant fort out of blankets, chairs, and pillows.

Make giant frozen balloon marbles. Instructions here.

Make an obstacle course around the living room. Idea here.

Write a secret message using invisible ink, aka lemon juice. Instructions here.

Tape a length of string across the room as a net and play balloon volleyball inside.

Have a tea party.

Skype with out of town family.

Make snow ice cream.

Pretend its spring and have a picnic in the living room.

Paint the snow with DIY snow paint.

Make a painter’s tape maze and then have the kids dribble or kick a ball through it.

Set up laundry basket skee ball.

Do a science experiment in the kitchen. Here is a link for 13 Kitchen Science Projects.

Practice Origami.

Make home made rock candy.

Hand the kitchen over to the kids and play restaurant.

Play bingo. If you don’t have a bingo set you can download printable bingo here.

Teach your kids YOUR favorite card game.

Set up DIY laser tag.

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