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July 21st, 2017

From High School to College

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Written by: rscott

If you are a parent of a soon-to-be college student, check out these helpful hints from the experts!

Know how to:

Wash, dry and iron clothes
Decide if/what/when to take clothes to the cleaners
Cook basic meals, as in boil or fry eggs, make spaghetti, cook hamburgers or other favorite foods
Buy what you need for dorm or apartment

Know your Finances!

Organize and keep safe personal and academic records (medical, insurance, academic, etc.)

Keep track of all Internet accounts, including logins and passwords

Handle a personal checking account, including writing and depositing a check and reconciling bank statements (It’s useful to set up a bank account either at a local bank or one that has branches in the city where your college is located.)

Have a credit card plan (when to use, when not to).

Have a budget

Know How to!

Use public transportation, including buses, trains, trolleys and metros
Find, hire and use a taxi, when needed (and tip appropriately)
If you have a car, get it serviced and/or repaired and not be taken advantage of
Put gas in a car, change a tire, understand when a car needs oil, water, air in tires
Arrange bus, train and/or air reservations to and from college
Use a shuttle to get to and from an airport, train or bus station
Your Own Personal Stuff


Make a doctor’s appointments, and have the names of a recommended dentist and/or doctor if you need to go off campus. Also talk to your doctor about STD’s and pregnancy prevention.

Figure out how often student and parents will communicate


Talk about avoid risky behaviors including sex, drugs and alcohol.

Talk about car repairs and weather emergencies.

Take a Trip!

Become acquainted with the college and environment around your school before you actually arrive. Make use of Internet resources such as Google to find out where a college is located with respect to a city or town, what the town is like, what resources are nearby, including airports and local transportation, what special features you might be able to take advantage of, including entertainment, sports, historical sites, etc.

Pay attention!

Keep track of email and mail from your college and deal with paperwork and decisions ahead of time.

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