June 25th, 2018

A Birds-Eye View in Hocking Hills

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Written by: rscott

Rockbridge, Ohio

Hocking Hills Canopy Tour was a highlight of my boys’ trip to Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is a popular vacation area in southeastern Ohio. The area is incredibly beautiful. It is filled with natural caves, waterfalls and unique rock formations. They were thrilled to be able to see it from a different view.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours offers a variety of options leaving you free to choose what best suits your needs and personality. The Original Canopy tour is a fantastic journey through the trees as you zip from platform to platform. Each platform is about 15 to 85 feet of the ground and is built around a tree trunk. The company is committed to connecting guests to the environment so along with zipping, you’ll learn about the geology, plants and animals that are native to the area.

While the original canopy tour is great, my boys wanted to kick it up just a notch and opted for the X-Tour. This tour was created for those wishing to get just a bit more thrill out of their zip. The X-Tour is a little higher and faster than the original. The highlight of the tour (and my boys all agreed) was being able to zip across the Hocking River! They loved the tour.

The day that the boys zipped started off beautifully. Check in was a breeze and then it was off to learn about all things safety. As normal for hot summer weather, a storm moved in. The sunny skies suddenly became filled with storm clouds and thunder could be heard in the distance. I had stayed on the grounds and was quickly told by management that the tour had been moved inside to a safe cabin. They wasted no time in getting everyone to shelter and stayed there until the threat of lightning had passed (they do zip in the rain). I was impressed by their commitment and diligence to safety. Once the storm had moved through the area and lightning was no longer a threat, they resumed the tour.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tour as offers a Dragonfly Tour for children from 5 to 12 years old and the SuperZip Tour. The SuperZip Tour is a dual racing zip line that begins from an 85-foot-tower. For those who don’t want to zip or perhaps want to do both land and sky – there is an off-road Segway tour opportunity.
The experience created a life-long memory for my boys. It is definitely something that my family will do again when we return to the area.

IF YOU GO: 10714 Jackson St., Rockbridge 43149

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