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May 1st, 2019

Butterfly Feeder

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Written by: rscott

And here’s a nifty tutorial on how to make a butterfly feeder from Mother Rising:

1. Cut 4 loops of string at least 3 x the length of your jar

2. Tie each string around the neck of the jar making sure the knots are opposite each other

It should look like this…

3. Now flip over the jar and knot the adjacent strings approx 1 inch up from the mouth of the jar. Then repeat a second row of knots near the base of the jar. 

It should look like this…

4. Wrap the ends of your string together tightly with a piece of masking tape. Thread the strings through your wooden petals and wood bead. Tie the strings around a ring for hanging or just make a big knot.

5. Thread a cotton ball through the hole in the lid to form a wick. Fill your jar with sugar water. Cap tightly. Hang in garden. (Yes, the jar will be upside down)

(1 Tbsp sugar + 9 Tbsp water, bring to boil, then cool)

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