December 15th, 2022


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Written by: rscott

Princess Cruises offers a variety of trip destinations. A lot of destinations. In fact, it’s hard to know just where to go when looking at the amazing choices. Everything from the Caribbean to Japan and everything in between. And you can enjoy this trip of a lifetime without emptying your bank account.

I admit, my family’s preferred vacation is a cruise – myself included. As a busy mom, no matter where we are (even on vacation), there’s still things to tend to – where to get dinner, taking care of the activities – honestly, it sometimes can feel easier to just stay home. But, when we are on a cruise, I get to relax as well. No worrying about what is for dinner or what activities to plan – it’s already taken care of! And, if the family wants to enjoy different activities – that’s ok too. There truly is something for everyone.

It’s no secret vacations can be expensive (food, activities, if you have teenagers, more food…), which is another reason why you should consider a Princess Cruise. You and your family will enjoy dining 24-hours a day, live entertainment, activities, and the ability to travel to exotic destinations. 

Don’t worry about getting bored. The itinerary (and destinations) changes daily – and when you are at sea, you’ll love the pool deck parties, health and wellness classes, art auctions and so much more. Honestly, I love to find a spot and just watch the ocean.

After a day at sea or after visiting a port, families can enjoy entertainment such as game show competitions, movies, comedians and other fun shows. Mom and dad can enjoy an evening in one of the lounges too.

You’ll love the food. Indulge in delicious dining choices from Italian, Asian-fusion, seafood….the list seems endless – and it’s all included! My family loves the ability to try new dishes while on a cruise.

There’s more to Princess than fun and food though (although, that would be enough for a terrific vacation), they also offer opportunities for guests to learn about the destinations they’ll be visiting with cultural enrichment programs. You can enjoy cultural activities such as a traditional Maori art performance while sailing to New Zealand, practice pan drumming on the way to the Caribbean, take ukulele lessons on the ship in Hawaii, or hear a lecture on the history of the Panama Canal. These opportunities allow guests to enjoy their destinations more than ever.

If the idea of getting to the ship is daunting – relax. Princess Cruises offers more than 75 ports of call in 15 cruise regions. You can visit destinations such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan and more! And they make it easy to enjoy the ports with shore excursions that they have carefully reviewed and recommended. You can trust that when choosing a Princess Cruise shore excursion, that they have your best interest at heart. Whether you want a high-energy experience or a day of rest – you can pick out just what you want.

I encourage you to visit, take some time and look around for yourself. You’ll love all the choices (something for every budget!) that Princess offers. If you’re like me, the hardest part will be deciding just where in the world to go!

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